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Windows 10 IOT Enterprise

Win 10 IoT Enterprise on i.MX 8 & 9 family brings full Windows application capabilities in a small footprint delivering a low cost, low power solution ideal for compact & fan less designs .
Customers get longer-term OS support. Window10IoT enterprise LTSC release has an optional 10 Years support.
Access thousands of existing apps and leverage a huge ecosystem.
Re-use your existing C# .Net application and bring to a new level.
Future releases will support GPU acceleration for Chrome/Edge, WPF apps and video playback optimizations.
Use existing enterprise-grade device management tools to keep devices up-to-date and operating reliably.
Secure Boot as well as Over the Air update is integrated.
Protect your devices with world-class security built into Windows for IoT Enterprise and deliver a predicable experience with device lockdown.
Instant Multi-Cloud connectivity is also a feature of Win 10 IOT Enterprise.

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