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PicoITX Single Board Computer


  • 100x72mm
  • Single Voltage 5V
  • optional 24V power supply
  • Feature Connector 2,54mm
  • PicoITX - Single Board Computer
  • for medical and industrial applications
  • long-term available

armStone™A5 armStone™A9/r3 armStone™A9r2/r4 armStone™MX8M armStone™MX8MP
State production Production Production Samples Production
CPU - - - - -
CPU NXP Vybrid NXP i.MX 6 NXP i.MX 6 NXP i.MX 8M NXP i.MX 8M Plus
Core ARM Cortex-A5 + Cortex-M4 ARM Cortex-A9 ARM Cortex-A9 ARM Cortex-A53 + Cortex-M4 ARM Cortex-A53 + Cortex-M7
No of Cores Single-/Dual-Core Solo/DualLite/Quad Solo/DualLite/Quad Dual/ Quad 2, 4 + M7
Frequency max. 500MHz & 167MHz max. 1.2GHz max. 1GHz max. 1,5GHz max. 1,8GHz + 800 MHz
L2-Cache 512KB max. 1MB max. 1MB - -
GPU NEON 2D, 3D 600Mpix/s 3D, 2D 600Mpix/s 3D GC7000 Lite (4 shader) 3D/2D, ES 3.1/3.0, CL™ 1.2 VG™ 1.1
VPU - 1080p60 1080p60 MPEG2, MPEG4p2 H 263 up to 4Kp60 1080p60, h.265/4, VP9, VP8,
Video Encode: 1080p60, h.265/4
NPU: Machine Learning
Operating System - - - - -
Linux Buildroot
(uboot installed)
Yocto YOCTO 4.2
Windows WCE 6.0
WEC 2013
WEC 2013
WEC 2013 - 10 IoT Enterprise
Real Time - - - - FreeRTOS
Memory - - - - -
Flash max. 1GB max. 512MB max. 512MB SLC
max. 32GB eMMC
eMMC - - - - max. 64GB eMMC
RAM max. 512MB max. 4GB max. 4GB DDR3L max. 8GB LPDDR4 max. 8GB LPDDR4
Interfaces - - - - -
SD-Card 1x microSD on-board 1x on-board 1x on-board 1x optional 2x
Ethernet 2x 10/100Mb
IEEE 1588
1x 10/100/1000Mb
1x 10/100/1000Mb
1x 10/100/1000 Mbit 2x 1000 Mbit
WiFi - - WLAN only via adapter IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n (2.4/ 5GHz)
BT - - BT only via adapter BT 2.1+EDR, 4.1 LE 5.0 LE
USB Host 1-2x 4x 4x 2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
USB Device 1x 1x 1x 1x USB3.0 OTG 1 (USB3.0)
CAN 1-2x 1x 2x 1x 2x
UART 3x 3x 5x 3x
(1x RS232, 2x TTL)
I2C 1-2x 1x 1x 4x 4x
SPI 1x 1x 2x 2x 2x
Audio Line In/Out/Mic Line In/Out/Mic Line In/Out/Mic Line In/Out/Mic IN/ OUT/ MIC/ Headphone/ I2S
Digital I/O max. 66 max. 66 max. 66 max. 32 max. 32
Touch Panel 4-wire, analog resistive;
PCAP-Touch via I2C
4/5-wire, analog resistive and
PCAP Touch via I2C
4/5-wire, analog resistive and
PCAP Touch via I2C
analog reistive and PCAP Touch ext. via I2C via I2C
Camera analog/digital - - 0/MIPI-CSI 0/MIPI-CSI 0/MIPI-CSI
PCIe - 1x 1x 1x with SIM Card Slot 1x mit SIM Card Slot
SATA - 1x 1x - -
RTC - - - 1
additional Interfaces - - - - 4x PWM, SPDIF, ESAI, SAI, SSI, 4x AnalogIn
Display - - - - -
RGB 18Bit 18bit - - -
LVDS 18Bit 2x 18bit/24bit 2x 18/24bit 2x 24bit FullHD, 24 Bit
CRT/DVI - 0/DVI 0/DVI 0/DVI 0/ DVI 1080p
MIPI-DSI - - - - 4x lanes
Common - - - - -
Supply Voltage 5V/8-14V DC / ±5% 5V/8-14V DC/±5% 5V DC/±5% 5V DC/±5% 5V DC/±5%
Power Consumption 3W typ. 4W typ. 4W typ. tbd 4W typ.
Operating Temperature 0°C - +70°C
opt. -25°C - +85°C
0°C - +70°C
opt. -20°C - +85°C
0°C - +70°C
opt. -20°C - +85°C
0°C - +70°C
opt. -20°C - +85°C
0°C - +70°C (-20°C - +70°C)
Size 100x72x15mm
Weight ~55g ~60g ~60g ~60g ~60g
Long Term Availability 2028 2035 2035 2033 2035
armStone™A5 armStone™A9/r3 armStone™A9r2/r4 armStone™MX8M armStone™MX8MP

armStone™, Single Board Computer in PicoITX form factor

For solutions with Computer on Module (COM), which need a base board, a Single Board Computer (SBC) in an established form factor offers an alternative. The development of a base board is therefore unnecessary here, so costs are reduced and development time is shortened significantly (Time-To-Market).

Fully Equipped

armStone™ offers all common interfaces (via standard connectors or multi-pin connector). A display can easily be connected via a LVDS interface. Also, a further display/ screen interface via (e.g.) DVI is available. The PicoITX form factor is perfectly constructed for small, but powerful applications. With a size of 100 x 72 mm, this PicoITX form factor is suitable for compact devices, as well as for portable ones. All standard bushes are lead through the long side and therefore can be placed at the back of the body. armStone™ has a Single Supply of 5V. Depending on the CPU, the power consumption can only be a few Watt, making it possible to run the armStone™ without fan or cooling element.

What use has the best hardware without software ?

For this reason, the armStone™ is always shipped with a pre-installed operating system. Certainly you have the possibility to install other existing kernel versions via WCE 6.0 R3/ WEC 7/2013, or to create own kernels.

400px Windows Embedded CE Logo

windows embedded compact transp

At present, WCE 6.0/ R3, WEC 7/2013 (including Microsoft license) and Linux are available. Via Linux, a BSP and the Toolchain are available (Buildroot).