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PicoITX Single Board Computer


  • 100x72mm
  • Single Voltage 5V, 12V optional
  • Feature Connector 2,54mm
  • PicoITX - Single Board Computer

armStone™, Single Board Computer in PicoITX form factor What use has the best hardware without software ?

For solutions with Computer on Module (COM), which need a base board, a Single Board Computer (SBC) in an established form factor offers an alternative. The development of a base board is therefore unnecessary here, so costs are reduced and development time is shortened significantly (Time-To-Market).

Fully Equipped

armStone™ offers all common interfaces (via standard connectors or multi-pin connector). A display can easily be connected via a LVDS interface. Also, a further display/ screen interface via (e.g.) DVI is available. The PicoITX form factor is perfectly constructed for small, but powerful applications. With a size of 100 x 72 mm, this PicoITX form factor is suitable for compact devices, as well as for portable ones. All standard bushes are lead through the long side and therefore can be placed at the back of the body. armStone™ has a Single Supply of 5V. Depending on the CPU, the power consumption can only be a few Watt, making it possible to run the armStone™ without fan or cooling element.


For this reason, the armStone™ is always shipped with a pre-installed operating system. Certainly you have the possibility to install other existing kernel versions via WCE 6.0 R3/ WEC 7/2013, or to create own kernels.

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At present, WCE 6.0/ R3, WEC 7/2013 (including Microsoft license) and Linux are available. Via Linux, a BSP and the Toolchain are available (Buildroot).