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  • 47x62mm
  • Single Voltage 5V
  • MXM2 Goldfinger Connector,
    230 Pins, 0,5mm
  • Camera, PCIe, SATA, WLAN, BT

easy starterkit
customized WEC2013/ Linux
free support
functional various interfaces
expandable with wireless modules
easy base board
universal visualization
small size of 47 x 62mm only
5V power supply


From 20 years of project experience we know that the costs of a base board play a key role. Our new standard "EasyLayout" guarantees a low cost carrier board.

EasyLayout describes the concept of no crossing lines or avoidable through holes. The chosen plug connector frees up valuable space on the bottom side of the module.
The schematic data for developing a base board under EAGLE is available.

Another very interesting feature is the opportunity to expand the COM with wireless modules on sideways. Thanks to pre-designed transfer points there is no need to change the layout of the CPU area for an expansion.
Effort and risk are reduced radically.
Possible extensions are WLAN (with chip antenna or socket), ZigBee, Z-Wave as well as EnOcean. Other expansions are conceivable.