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FreeRTOS is the market leading, de-facto standard Real Time Operating System for embedded systems from Real Time Engineers Ltd. It supports 35 architectures, received over 113000 downloads during 2014 and is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust and free to embed in commercial products without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code.

More and more CPUs from NXP combine a Cortex-A and a Cortex-M in one processor. These devices are called Heterogeneous Multicore Processors (HMP). There are many advantages of this architecture. I.e. fast interrupt processing, new low power modes or IP protection.

F&S ported the BSP package from NXP to our own boards, which makes it possible to easily use the Cortex-M4 with FreeRTOS while running the Cortex-A9 with Linux (Buildroot, Yocto).

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