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Our customer specific solutions and innovative developments are your key to success.


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Product families with expandable modules and the choice between Linux and Windows fulfill wide-ranging demands.


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Support and Project Guarantee: we are at your side, from the very beginning of your project until its successful conclusion.


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We are successful on the market for more than 15 years and ISO9001 certified. Our development and production are located in Stuttgart.


Since 1990...

The company was founded as an engineering office by Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Günther Scholz in 1990. In 1994 they specialized in standard electronic devices for an easy and inexpensive control of graphic displays (DCU concept). In 1996, the company was renamed to F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH, by Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Holger Frölich joining the management.


F&S Company Building

...Made in Germany

An important milestone in the company's history was the start of its own electronic device production in 1998. 100% of all F&S electronic devices are „Made in Germany“ and are produced in Stuttgart-Vaihingen on highly modern production facilities. Every electronic device leaving F&S is operation tested and meets the highest quality standards (ISO9001+ISO13485).

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F&S Production

Linux, Windows Embedded,  Android, FreeRTOS

As the first product of another product family, the first NetDCU with operating system (Windows Embedded CE/ Linux) was introduced to the market in 2000. This very successful product family was extended frequently with new, pincompatible members.
Long-term availability (up to 15 years), reliability, scalability of the computing power and the extraordinary F&S support, made F&S products find its means in many applications in the industrial and medical field.


F&S Production

For Medical and Industrial Engineering

More than 50% of the F&S products are at home in medical applications, for example ventilators (anaesthesia and intensive respirators), lithotripsy (kidney stone fragemtation), therapy devices (stimulation current, movement trainer), measurement systems (blood pressure, blood analysis, blood withdrawal) and dental devices.
In the industrial area F&S products are applied in machine control, welding units (laser, plastics, point), smokeries, climatic chambers, robotic vehicles, time recording, etc.
F&S products are successful as well in information systems (POI with IE or video playback and camera interface), navigation systems in commercial vehicles and marine applications.

We Stand for Highest Quality and Service

Major customers in Germany and all over Europe rely on F&S products since many years. Our success reflects in a growth of 20 - 30% per year.

Our goal is to offer innovative, reliable products with an excellent price-performance ratio and to create a crucial competitive advantage for our customers by quick and qualified support (20 hard- and software engineers).