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  • Small Size 50x40mm
  • One Robust Connector Only
  • up to 1GHz Cortex-A9
  • SLC NAND Flash: 32MB up to 1GB
  • Interfaces: 1-2 Ethernet, USB Host/ Device,
    LCD/Touch, CAN, I²C,...

The PicoCOM family offers the user compact and inexpensive COM modules.

All modules are compatible. It was our goal to offer as many standardized interfaces as possible with the PicoCOM modules, all completely supported by the integrated OS. This allows a fast development of application software without requiring any in-depth hardware knowledge. Integrating the module into the surrounding hardware should be equally uncomplicated.

Therefore the whole power-management of the CPU is already provided on-board and the board gets plugged on the base board of the customer via a robust 80 poles plug connector. Only some additional interface drivers (RS232, Ethernet transformer) are necessary. All modules of this family have the same size (40mm x 50mm) and use the same plug connector, where the first half of the pins carries fix signals and the second half offers module-specific interfaces. Thus an upgrade to future modules of this series is possible anytime (Upgrade to modules with higher processing power and more memory, as well as Upgrade to later, more inexpensive modules).