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19 May 2015

New Software Releases for the F&S Freescale i.MX 6 Modules

We have published two new software releases for our Freescale i.MX 6 modules (efus™A9, armStone™A9, PicoMODA9, QBlissA9).
Linux V2.0 and Windows 1.40 are available in our download area. The download area is protected, please register.

Highlights Linux V2.0

• improved NAND support with strong ECC
• new NBoot
• fsimx6 U-Boot merged with regular F&S U-Boot
• Buildroot is merged with regular F&S Buildroot
• One executable for all fsimx6 platforms
• Newer toolchain

➜ Detailed Description of the Linux Release

Highlights Windows V1.40

• Overall stability improvements
• Update all GPU libraries to new version from VIVANTE
• All Microsoft updates for WEC 7 and WEC 2013 added
• Numerous changes and bug fixes (see changelog)

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